Hugh Leonard, playwright

About his work for stage, page and screen

Hugh Leonard, playwright

The Irish playwright Hugh Leonard (1926-2009) described writing as “an illness, a virus that no science can isolate and cure”.  This illness afflicted him for his 82 years during which … Continue reading

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Leonard, Joyce and Dubliners

Following his success in adapting Joyce for the stage in Stephen D. in 1962, Hugh Leonard went on to adapt seven of Joyce’s Dubliners stories for the stage in the … Continue reading

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Stephen D.

Hugh Leonard and James Joyce: Stephen D “Stephen D is a most difficult and intricate play, which will stand or fall depending upon its director’s imagination”, Hugh Leonard in his … Continue reading

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The Late Arrival of the Incoming Aircraft

The Late Arrival of the Incoming Aircraft (also The Quick) A one act play by Hugh Leonard. The action takes place in a lounge at Dublin Airport.  Josie Collins is … Continue reading

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Award curios and questions

There is at least one curiosity and one question in the awards listed in our page on Hugh Leonard’s “Awards and Honorary Degrees” –  an impressive scan of four decades and … Continue reading

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Mick and Mick – and other names

Mick and Mick, Hugh Leonard’s play of 1966, provides a good example of the difficulties of cataloguing his work. In Mick and Mick Fran Corish returns home to Ireland after … Continue reading

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Summer Towards the end of Hugh Leonard’s life he expressed the view that Summer was his best play. This article notes what he and some critics have said about it. … Continue reading

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