Hugh Leonard, playwright

About his work for stage, page and screen

Hugh Leonard, playwright

The Irish playwright Hugh Leonard (1926-2009) described writing as “an illness, a virus that no science can isolate and cure”.  This illness afflicted him for his 82 years during which … Continue reading

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The Poker Session

Hugh Leonard’s play, The Poker Session, treats the themes of betrayal and blame.  The playwright discussed some of the play’s complexities in his production note to the acting edition.  “The … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Hugh Leonard’s stage adaptation betrays his life-long attachment to the work of Charles Dickens, especially Great Expectations. “My great-aunt Julia lived in a ramshackle drunkard of a house … I … Continue reading

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The Au Pair Man

“I advertise daily for an au pair, but it seems to be a dying genre. I’m afraid you were inimitable, my dear: of the few young men who came to  … Continue reading

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Leonard and McGahern – The Barracks

The Barracks, Hugh Leonard’s adaptation of the 1963 novel by John McGahern, premiered in 1969 at the Dublin Theatre Festival. This appears to be the only stage adaptation of a … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes and the Mask of Moriarty

“Oh, Miss, I am dead. The two men…they have killed-“ An impossible murder in the fog on Waterloo Bridge. So, begins The Mask of Moriarty. a full length play by … Continue reading

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Leonard, Joyce and Dubliners

Following his success in adapting Joyce for the stage in Stephen D. in 1962, Hugh Leonard went on to adapt seven of Joyce’s Dubliners stories for the stage in the … Continue reading

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Stephen D.

Hugh Leonard and James Joyce: Stephen D “Stephen D is a most difficult and intricate play, which will stand or fall depending upon its director’s imagination”, Hugh Leonard in his … Continue reading

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