The stage plays of Hugh Leonard

Stage plays of Hugh Leonard

Hugh Leonard’s full length plays are listed here.  Where plays are adaptations, the source material has been cited.

Details of his one act plays – here.  Also see here and blog posts for articles on individual one act plays.

Literary criticism and academic resources

The Irish Playography database is generally an excellent resource on Irish Theatre.  The entry for Hugh Leonard lists most (but not quite all) of his stage plays and provides detail on the first production of each play cited.  Significant academic commentary includes:

Pine, Emilie, ‘Hugh Leonard’ in the Methuen Drama Guide to Contemporary Irish Playwrights, Martin Middeke and Peter Paul Schnierer (eds), (London, 2010), pp 162-177.

Pine, Emilie, ‘ Leonard’s Progress: Hugh Leonard at the Dublin Theatre Festival’, in Nicholas Grene and Patrick Lonergan (eds), Interactions: Dublin Theatre Festival 1957-2007 (Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2008), pp 47-60.

Chaillet, Ned, ‘ Hugh Leonard’, in D. L. Kirkpatrick ( ed.), Contemporary Dramatists, 4th edn (Chicago, IL: St James, 1988).

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