One act plays

The one act plays of Hugh Leonard

There are ten extant one act plays in the canon, listed here starting with the most recent.

Two one act plays presented as Chamber Music (1994)

  • Senna for Sonny (4M, 3F)
  • The Lily Lally Show (1F)

Presented as Scorpions (and sometimes now as Pizzazz) (1983):

  • A View from the Obelisk (2M, 1F)
  • Roman Fever (adapted from the short story by Edith Wharton) (2F, 1M)
  • Pizzazz (3F, 2M)

Presented as A Surburb of Babylon (and originally as Irishmen) (1975)

  • A Time of Wolves and Tigers (1M)
  • Nothing Personal (2M, 1F)
  • The Last of the Last of the Mohicans (3M, 2F)

Presented as The Quick and the Dead (1967):

Also The Man on Platform 2, understood to have been staged by Lancos in the 1950s and  feared lost

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  1. Are there any hard copies of The Dead by Hugh Leonard available. We would like to produce it in Nov 2016
    Margaret Dennehy
    (For and on behalf of) Dungarvan Dramatic Club

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