Leonard, Joyce and Dubliners

Following his success in adapting Joyce for the stage in Stephen D. in 1962, Hugh Leonard went on to adapt seven of Joyce’s Dubliners stories for the stage in the full-length Dublin One (1963) and the one-act The Dead (1967).

Irish Playography describes the first half of Dublin One as “a study of the Dubliner as a social animal (‘An Encounter’/‘Counterparts’/’Grace’)” and the second as “a study of the Dubliner as a political animal (‘Ivy Day in the Committee Room’/’Two Gallants’/’A Little Cloud’).” The cast, which included Donal Donnelly, and the crew are detailed here.

The Dead was presented in 1967 with a short original one act play The Late Arrival of the Incoming Aircraft as The Quick and the Dead. Maureen Toal and Jim Norton played Greta and Gabriel Conroy. The cast list is reproduced here. Hugh Leonard wrote a television version of The Dead in 1971 for ITV’s Sunday Night Theatre series.

the dead 1967







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  1. Are there any print editions of Hugh Leonards adaptation of The Dead available?

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